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If you have an upcoming move and are looking to save a little bit of extra cash, then using self service movers is a fantastic option. It is going to save you the money of having to shell out for movers for your home because you get to control all of your clothes, books, and CDs in the process by doing it on your own. When you decide to hire a self service moving business, they can actually answer many of these unknowns for you and give you ideas of what you need to do to complete your trip flawlessly.


Even if you are using a self service moving business, there is still cost going to be involved for paying for the moving truck, so it is best to think about your budget beforehand. If you are relocating within your own city, then renting a truck will probably be quite cheap and the best choice for you. It may seem tempting to choose a cheap truck rental service, but you want to make sure that it is still high quality enough so that all of your household items are totally cared for during the ride. So many people have found that renting a self moving truck is a totally economical option that gives them more flexibility in their move to their new location, which is much appreciated. Professional self moving services will be so happy to answer any of your questions for you so that you can find the right moving truck to meet all of your needs. After determining the appropriate size vehicle necessary for your move, call prospective moving truck rental agencies for specific information. During your initial information call, you should find out driver requirements, including minimum age requirements and any special licenses that you may need to drive the truck.


Another great way to plan out your self move is to discuss with the rental truck business what type of vehicle they can recommend for you to get. It will help them if you have the measurements of the largest belongings in your home, like a sectional sofa or an extra large dining table.

However, if you are relocating close or far away, a self moving service will be helpful to you, but you do need to research and get many quotes on self service movers to see which will be the cheapest for you. You can also add on the option of renting a dolly, which is always a great choice so that you don’t have to strain your back when you need to lift up some type of heavy item, especially moving from one house to another.


You also do need to consider your best ideas for packing so that you don’t have to rent a truck that is too large for everything that you are moving. It may be best to also purchase your boxes from them to make sure that they are sturdy, instead of using discarded boxes that you picked up from a store or trash area. This is obviously a totally free option, but you don’t want those boxes to be giving out on you when you are moving yourself. Another idea is to check out where to get boxes on Craigslist because a lot of times people will sell them to you at a low cost, and they are in mint condition.


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