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    6-8 Weeks Before Your Move

    6-8 weeks before your move provides for plenty of time to plan for a move. The moving process does not need to be stressful and with proper planning, you may even discover that it is better to move on your own which is a lot cheaper.

    Whenever you are moving, the best choice would be local moving companies because they tend to offer better rates. Choosing between movers requires getting quotes from different companies because cost should be one of the major considerations.

    Reliability is an important consideration because the company will be handling valuable electronics, china and other stuff collected over many years. There are many con men out there and you may end up loading your possessions in a truck belonging to a thief if you are not careful. It is important to do a background check on the company of choice and this should be 6-8 weeks before your move.

    It is important to look at the contract carefully and to go through the fine print before signing. This is because some moving companies exempt themselves from blame in case of breakage of loss by hiding this in the fine print so that you do not consider other options. The company of choice should have an insurance policy that guarantees the safety of all belongings.

    In most places, the trucks available in most moving companies are top of the range and so you have an option in choosing the right truck for the specific things that you are moving. If one company does not have the truck needed, move to another company.

    In you choose to do self-moving, the people assisting in the loading and the unloading should be trustworthy because they will know what you own and are likely to come after you or to hire thieves when you move – it is a fact that most theft are carried out by people who know you and what you own.

    When moving across state or national boarders, auto shipping may be necessary. The choice of movers should therefore consider moving companies that are able to provide this service or that are able to give advice on how to do the same. To minimize on car theft cases, such companies should be trustworthy.

    Consider different moving companies and do not settle for the first one you get. Different companies offer different services and it is important to ‘shop around’ to get the best deal. The company of choice should be able to offer ‘wholesale’ services which include truck rentals, people to load and unload the trucks, auto moving, etc.

    One way to know the right moving company is to consider customer testimonials. A company that has a good record of accomplishment is more likely to meet your moving needs. These testimonials can be founds in the companies’ websites or from individuals who had used the companies before. All these considerations should be made 6-8 weeks before your move to avoid having to rush through things in the last minute.