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    1 Week Before Your Move


    1 week before your move, take time to evaluate various services and packages offered by moving companies. Professionals who know everything about the business run most moving companies and this is important because there are legal issues that you might not be aware of when moving. These professionals also know their way around and can give advice on how to move, storage facilities, when to move and other such information.

    Most moving companies give insurance services in case of loss of items or damage to the items. With self-moving, what is broken and what is lost cannot be replaced. Even with insurance, some items are irreplaceable and moving companies have enough experience to ensure that a person has a damage free relocation.

    When moving, using a moving company means there is reduced hustle of loading, unloading and there is no stress of having to drive across the country. The professional moving team does most of the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking for the client.

    It is sometimes necessary to do auto shipping and it would be a logistical nightmare if you were to do it yourself because it is very involving. Moving companies can assist you in this and they are also helpful when moving heavy equipment or when moving into apartment buildings where things have to be moved in through the window.

    With a moving company, it is possible to enjoy their storage facilities for those who want to store some things and collect them later. This would be very expensive if you were to pay for the storage facility independently and it would be time consuming and inconveniencing too.

    It is possible to book a truck, choose the driver, make payments and get other relevant information about moving companies online. This makes it convenient and cheap and it is even easier than doing the moving yourself because you are not physically involved.


    Cost is the major disadvantage of using professional moving companies because they are out to make a profit. Self-moving requires no money at all if you have a van.
    Movers are complete strangers and this is a major disadvantage because you may be unlucky to encounter thieves who run moving companies as a front for their criminal activities.

    Using moving companies requires that you schedule your work according to their schedule. You will have to be ready by the time they arrive and if you are not, they charge extra. This is not a problem with self-moving and you can move any time, day or night.

    It is a fact that most robberies are carried out by people who know you and who know where you live and what you have in your house. With a moving company, people will know all the valuable stuff you own and they may steal or organize for thieves to break into your house.

    Although there is insurance if you use moving companies, some of the things that may break when moving might be irreplaceable. With self-moving, you know the things that need extra care. All these considerations should be made 1 Week before your move.